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“The gravity of my first set of responsibilities was energizing”

Marina Szocs, Finance & Accounting

On my first day at P&G, I learned that I’d be responsible for creating all the prices of our Oral Care and Fem Care products in the system, as well as for the monthly forecast reconciliation process for those categories. I also had to align and approve all price changes with our regional team in Panama. This gave me a glimpse into how my day-to-day would go from then on, and it really energized me to take on the challenges ahead. And the work was truly meaningful: working in taxes gave me a deeper insight into global and corporate procedures and processes, and I could see how the projects we each work on in Brazil contribute to the results of the entire company.

The global nature of the company and our work is always felt. I was quickly exposed to this in my role when I connected with several different people from both Brazil and abroad. This is normal—you will always be in contact with different people from different countries, and it’s amazing to see how we’re all connected by strong values and the same work ethic. There’s a sense of pride, respect, and integrity that flows through the entire company.

P&G has always made its people a priority, working to develop us and to ensure we’re always growing. When I joined, I quickly realized that we had a very strong organization with people that would challenge me every day to be my best. This support and encouragement, combined with the career planning and “grow from within” model, are what sets P&G apart from other companies.