Before joining P&G, I was employed at a brokerage company where I worked on a trade fund system project. It was a great steppingstone but I knew it wouldn’t work long-term because the ceiling was very low and I wanted to be somewhere that I could stay for the rest of my career. Eventually I knew I had to move on. I felt like P&G has such a diverse set of products and their reach is so wide that there would always be new opportunities to take on within the company. And I was proved right—in fact, I’m already on my second role.

I was initially hired into Sales but after reviewing my experience, P&G reached out to see if I would be interested in a very specific project that didn’t quite sit within that team: deploying their trade fund system. I traveled to every single customer team and met with a huge variety of people, from account executives to finance managers to the Leadership team. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the exposure was phenomenal, and it was easy for me to make a big impact very quickly.

The project showed me how P&G truly values the experience we bring, and they want you to use it to make the Company better. I could also see that this was a Company where I would have the opportunity to work on many different and challenging projects.

Nine months after starting my career here and completing the trade fund system, I was promoted. And who knows where that will take me. The Sales career path offers various options, my next position could be a category analyst role, but I wouldn’t have to step out of Sales to do it. That’s not the case at other companies. Here at P&G, if you’re flexible, determined, and want to grow your own skills, the opportunities are numerous.